About Us


Tenrisk Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd is an underwriting agent for and on behalf of INFINITI INSURANCE Ltd.


In order to bring back property letting secure income stream, peace of mind and hassle-free involvement, Tenrisk has designed the Landlord Protection Policy - a sorted new insurance solution for landlords, guaranteeing their rental income and managing the legal process around tenant eviction. For more information on the Landlord Protection Policy click on “Product Info”.


Just as landlords pay careful attention to selecting the right tenant so too has Tenrisk, in offering the Landlord Protection Policy, chosen business partners of the highest standard in Infiniti to underwrite the Landlord Protection Policy. For more information about Infiniti click on “About Infiniti"


By partnering with a group of specialist property attorneys, landlords can rest assured that this insurance solution has been designed by experts who fully understand the exposures of property letting and the legal remedies to manage such situations. Our legal panel not only manages the legal process around tenant eviction but can offer a suggested lease agreement which prospective landlords can consider.


Tenrisk is an authorised Financial Service Provider. FSP No 28600