TPN combines information from a number of highly valuable sources to provide the most comprehensive and accurate behaviour information on tenants and prospective buyers in the property industry. Their markets encompasses all levels of the industry including residential, commercial and landlord managed rentals. The service is endorsed by SAPOA (South African Property Owners Association).  

  P3 Investment Group  
P3 Web Logo   The P3 Investment Group is an organisation which was established in 2003 because of the fact that most people cannot not make adequate provision for retirement by using traditional investment strategies. P3 specialises in teaching ordinary people how to create wealth through secure investments in the right type of residential properties and to manage these properties like a business which produces income streams every month.

We regularly present free seminars where we will show you:
• How to invest in property and use the minimum of your own money
• How to buy several properties and pay them off in 10-15 years
• How P3’s responsible investment strategy and proven systems minimise risks
• How to retire earlier with enough money to sustain your chosen lifestyle for the rest of your life

We also have mini seminars and one-on-one presentations country wide.

Our investor club presents many advantages and services to our members. As member of the leading investor club you will receive all the knowledge and tools required to become successful.

You also get access to the best P3 approved investment properties country wide.

Best of all: As a member of P3 you get a personal mentor who will take you by the hand and lead you to success through continued advice and support.

Contact us at for more information.


  RESIDENTIAL DIVISION of InCommercial Property Services  
  We, the RESIDENTIAL DIVISION of InCommercial Property Services, has a personal approach in assisting our clients to create wealth through property. Our proven concept demonstrates how to get positive cash flow and income from residential property within the shortest possible time. We are contracted as the property division of a few financial brokers houses.