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For many multi-property owners a regular, reliable monthly rental income is not only key to justify their decision to invest in property, but often is also essential in enabling them to meet their bond and levy payment obligations.


Unfortunately, as a result of legislation changes and recent horror stories of defaulting tenants who don’t vacate their rented premises, property owners are now coming to terms with the reality that their monthly rental income streams are not as secure as originally thought. With this reality comes the realisation that the financial costs and risks associated with using the legal process to achieve tenant eviction can be quite daunting and expensive.


The Tenrisk Landlord Protection Policy will appoint experienced attorneys to handle all legal processes of eviction and provide legal costs of up to R120 000 - this process should, for most situations, see tenant eviction within 3 months of original default. The policy will also provide rental for a period of 6 months in the case of a tenant needing eviction and one month if a tenant has absconded. This means the landlord’s bond repayments and other related expenses can be paid and the landlord is not at risk of losing a revenue producing asset which could be part of a retirement plan, a family inheritance or wealth development program.


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