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Meet the Tenrisk Team

We help landlords protect their rental income, even if the tenants must be evicted!

Rudolph Pretorius


Rudolph Pretorius is the visionary leader of several businesses, which includes an Insurance Brokerage.

Rudolph read law as a student and practiced as an Attorney in South Africa from 2002 until 2011. He made the intentional choice to explore the business environment outside of the legal practice and this is his daily occupation.

His passion is to create and protect wealth for himself and his business relationships. Leadership development is a constant part of his strategic way of thinking and forms part of his daily routine. With this mindset he approaches business - and - financial coaching, and relationships.

Rudolph and his family exchanged city living for a country lifestyle. He runs his businesses virtually from the beautiful Garden Route and he is a happy and willful participant of all the adventures his Wife Arina, dreams up for him and his family.

It is Rudolph's view that it is impossible to loose, only to win or to learn. His only goal in life is to have peace of mind and find this in everything he approaches.

Arina Hobbs - Pretorius


Arina Hobbs – Pretorius is our Portfolio Manager and provides her creative skills to grow Tenrisk’s online presence.

 Arina is a successful businesswoman who exchanged the corporate world for a country lifestyle where she can live close to her core values.

After her "burn-out" in 2017/2018, she realised that a holistic approach towards health and wellness is essential to reach long-lasting results. Arina always says that she does not know everything but approach every moment as an opportunity to learn, in the moment, for the moment. 

Her family is happy and willing guinea pigs for all her adventures since they are grateful to be blessed by her presence after her brave escape from the corporate environment.  

Arina and her family are now closely involved in each other's daily activities and together they are creating brand awareness for the companies and marketing the services these companies provide.

Wimpie van Deventer


Wimpie van Deventer is the Tenrisk office manager and provides his skills to develop our systems and client relationships.

Wimpie was the youngest  operations manager in a well known restaurant brand in South Africa.  It is because of his raw talent for system development and his natural execution of client relationships, that we are thankful for his commitment to us.

Wimpie and his Wife Ann-Shunnay is our link to the claims department and is currently based in Potchefstroom.

Ann-Shunay van Deventer


Introducing Ann-Shunay, our meticulous office administrator. Ann-Shunay brings her innate attention to detail and unwavering dedication to customer service to our dynamic team.

With a keen eye for accuracy, Ann-Shunay ensures that no detail goes overlooked in managing our administrative processes. From handling inquiries to processing paperwork with precision, she maintains a seamless flow of operations that keeps our clients well-served and satisfied.

Recognizing the importance of delivering top-notch customer service, Ann-Shunay goes above and beyond to address client needs promptly and efficiently. Her friendly demeanor and commitment to excellence create a welcoming and supportive environment.

Beyond her role at Tenrisk, Ann-Shunay enjoys her free time exploring new cuisines, staying in shape, as well as spending time with her husband and their four-legged child Luna.

Arné Pretorius


Arné Pretorius was at the age of 10 the youngest registered snake handler in the world.  He has a passion for the environment from a very young age and was involved in nature conservation by removing problem animals from people’s homes and educating the community the importance of protecting our animals. 

Arné’s parents are especially proud in his choices about how he wishes to set up his life.  He has a clear set of outcomes that he wants to reach and is setting himself up for success by investing his time into education and growing himself in the areas he wishes to develop.  

He is now on his journey to become a well-rounded businessman and helps Tenrisk to grow their social media presence.

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